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The Great Reset

November 2, 2017


Hi Folks!


Well what a year it has been! 


Eight months ago we launched our new website bringing the Bahamas Design Centre stores under one umbrella. And it’s nearly a year since we opened BDC Home at the Airport Industrial Park and rebranded the original store  to BDC Outlet, Nassau's Unique Outlet Store.


And who knew that in this past year our beautiful islands and our neighboring countries would face a multitude of game changing challenges all in one year! Some changes for the better, others are still to be judged and of course the storms to recover from, we escaped by the skin of our teeth from catastrophe!


Whatever the Change. Change is necessary. Right? Change is a good thing- Right? For sure change can be scary and confusing or at least gives us a kick up the backside! 


But I also like to look at Change as an opportunity for renewing, invigorating and wonderful opportunities for growth and evolution.

For brick and mortar retailers like us adjusting to the shifting sands of e-commerce and the retail environment, providing work and supporting our community, regular resets are essential. 


At BDC Living we have been inspired to rejuvenate our stores again this coming season, and to assess and nurture the changes we put in motion a year ago. So we pushed the reset button to further refine how we shop for our customers, design and do business.


We are eternally grateful to our customers who continue to support us, give us your feed back, and take this journey with us. Thank you!!! 


So here are the Reset Highlights!


BDC Outlet still has great prices and unique furniture, perfect for island living. A fresh coat of paint and re-organization of the store has to be seen to be believed, it has truly transformed.


 It's fresh and inspiring. A pleasure to shop in and it has so many goodies it's impossible to them put all on the website. So go say hi to Joey and Kristin and see the store for yourself!



At BDC West we have added new vendors and re-introduced some old favorite vendors. 


Introducing divine candles from Aquiesse 'The Essense of Mindful Luxury’ An innovative, classic & timeless home fragrance brand.


And Mona makes a come back with upcycled bags, beer coozies and wine coolers and funny 'pun-derful' tea towels which make the perfect dinner party gift. 


Gorgeous hand blown glass vases and decorative bowls, the thick and heavy glass make the perfect centerpiece for your table.


AND.... wait for it! ….. We are excited to present  our new 'Design Corner'.


For the professional or budding enthusiast at BDC West created 'The Design Corner' to better serve our customers. It's a place where customers can browse and select fabrics from our four signature upholstery vendors. Added to these lines we have a selection of fabric books and wallpapers from fabric houses such as Jane Churchill, Manuel Canovas, Robert Allen and Phillip Jefferies Wallpaper.