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Home Decor for
Every Room

Decor plays a key role in enhancing the style and ambience of any room. The right decor has the power to create the illusion of more space, to unite different rooms of the house under one overarching style, or reinforce a cohesive colour palette throughout your home. Carefully chosen decor pieces can reflect your personality and can even be conversation starters for visiting guests.

BDC Living is a lifestyle brand here to help you bring your dream home to life. We offer unique and beautiful furniture pieces and accessories in a wide range of styles to suit your own aesthetic preferences. Whether you’re going for a bohemian, modern farmhouse, minimalist, or eclectic look, we have plenty of pieces for you to love.

We’ve had numerous happy customers from all over the Bahamas and the USA who have given us the joy of being a part of their home transformation journeys. Are you ready to join them and turn your house into a home with a touch of BDC Living?

Finishing Touches
You’ll Love

Home Accessories

By adding decorative vases, bottles, bowls, baskets, and other home accessories, you are able to add the essential finishing touches that convey more elegance and sophistication to any room in your house. Add a touch of life with some of these decorative pieces that can be used to hold fresh flowers, polished pebbles, crystals, and other natural materials

Wall Decor & Mirrors

Wall decor can serve as the focal point in a room, adding more life and personality to any space. Mirrors as wall decor are both functional and aesthetically enhancing, creating an illusion of space and brightness in your home.

Decorative Pillows

Throw pillows serve both an aesthetic and functional purpose. Add a splash of pattern to complement your room’s accent colours with these subtle decor pieces that provide comfort and support wherever they may be.

Window Treatments

Lighting plays a crucial role in setting the right mood for any indoor space. Curtains and blinds bring a sense of elegance to each room, keeping things cozy with the right colours and textures to complement the room’s design.

Hundreds of Brands to Choose From

With a collection featuring products from hundreds of top tier lifestyle brands, you will never run out of amazing choices. Our collection features furniture and decor lines from big design brands such as Klaussner, Lexington, Basset Furniture, Coaster Furniture, and many more! You will surely find something that you will be happy to bring home.

The beautiful, unique, and rare pieces you’ll find in our collection will complement your lifestyle and help create the perfect ambience for any space. Get ready to have the very best for the home of your dreams.

Are you looking for furnishings, decor, and accessories for your home away from home? It can be such a hassle organizing this without being physically present on location. The good news is we can help you with this.

Premier Interior
Design Services

Whether you’re designing an entire house or just a new room, it can be a stressful experience. This is why we at BDC Living are happy to help by offering professional interior design services that can transform completely transform your home.

We know that home is one of the most important places for every individual. This is why we take a personalized approach with every interior design project that we’re tasked with. It’s more than just arranging together aesthetically pleasing furniture and home decor. To us, it’s about fully understanding the needs and vision of every customer and coming up with a unique design solution that addresses those needs. The end result is a home that promotes happiness and relaxation - a perfect setting for creating beautiful memories.

Are you designing your dream home or vacation house? You’ll be glad to know that it can be easier now than it has ever been. When you work with us, you could choose how much involvement you have with the project. You can be there every step of the way or you can turn over the task to our expert interior designers via our Full Home Turnkey Package. It’s time to turn that house into a home. Check out our design services page and let’s get started!

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BDC Living’s Guarantee

We are always looking for ways to give a top-notch, premium shopping experience that is both convenient and worry-free. In line with this, we’ve made all our products available through direct online shopping. You can easily peruse through the unique and beautiful pieces that we have available. Whether you’re looking to furnish or decorate a new room entirely or just looking for pieces to complement what you already have, you’re sure to find something in our collection that you’ll be excited to bring home.

Our delivery and setup services are available for the New Providence area. We also offer shipping for our Family Island customers and those in the areas of South Florida/Miami. If you are going to order from nearby these said areas and would like to check if delivery is available for your location, please feel free to email us at and we’ll get back to you the soonest we can.

Along with the convenient shopping experience we offer, our return policy is in place so that you have extra peace of mind - whether you are shopping at our physical or online store. This policy enables you to request a return/exchange within 24 hours of purchase. If you want to learn more about our return policy, please click here.

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Do you have any questions for us? Whether you’d like to learn more about our design services, inventory, shipping methods, or anything else, we’d be more than happy to connect! Contact us today and our customer service representatives from our home furniture store will be there to assist you with whatever you need.

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