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Please note that delivery is free of charge when placing orders via our website :)
Please note that delivery is free of charge when placing orders via our website :)

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Full Home
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Putting together your home away from home can get even more complicated if you are not present on location or if you are too busy to oversee things. This is why we are proud to present our Full Home Turnkey Solutions.

We’ve helped numerous homeowners with the design, purchasing, unpacking, and installation of needed furniture and home accessories. We handle every single detail so that you don’t have to, such as tabletop accessories, beddings, kitchen accessories, and more. We can take care of every space in your home so that all that’s left for you to do is to move in and enjoy your dream space.


Design Solutions for
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Our residential design services can help you with design projects for all room types and all aesthetic preferences. Whether you are looking to bring a modern, minimalist, rustic, traditional, trendy, dramatic, or elegant space to life, our experienced design professionals can help you achieve that!

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Here at BDC Living, we believe that home is a special and sacred place for every individual. To us, interior design is not just about putting together aesthetically pleasing furniture and decor, but it’s about improving lives by making the most of the indoor and outdoor spaces. Our online interior design service breathes life into your home so that it can fully support your lifestyle and family.

We work with each client personally to conceptualize and execute the best possible design for their vision. You might be looking to design your whole house or just select rooms. Whatever the extent of your design project, wherever you are in the process, and whatever your timeline may be, you can count on our dedicated design experts to help you define, refine, and accomplish your dream home design.


The perfect living room is never a “one size fits all” solution. Careful interior design can transform your living room into a space that enriches your lifestyle, strengthens your connections to friends and family, and helps you to relax when you need to.

Your bedroom is where you begin and end each and every day. Whether you’d like this space to be a hub for relaxation, a romantic escape, a spiritual retreat, or maybe a bit of everything, we can put together the right design elements, furniture, and decor to achieve exactly what you’ve envisioned.

Give your guests the best experience possible when they’re staying in your home with the power of interior design. Create a welcoming, cozy, and comfortable guest bedroom that they will never want to leave.

Gather your family and friends for a delicious meal in your beautifully designed dining room. By combining interior design with a great selection of furniture and modern tabletop accessories, you can be sure that all your meals in your dream home surrounded by those you love will create unforgettable memories.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Whether you’re a self-proclaimed 5-star chef or just stick to the basics, the right design elements can turn your home’s kitchen into the energetic communal gathering space you’ve always wanted. Our selection of kitchen accessories and cookware is a recipe for gorgeous design you’ll love.

Tap into the power of interior design to make sure that your home office not only serves you functionally but also helps you feel more energized, inspired, and productive. From color psychology to where to place your desk, we can help create a separate thriving work space from the rest of your home.

The bathroom is a special place in the home where we get ready for a day of adventure or where we wash the stress away before going to bed. We can put together the design and the accessories to help you make the most of your bathroom space.

Whether you need to decorate and furnish your poolside, your patio, your garden, or your backyard, our experts can help you maximize your outdoor space. Do you like dining or drinking outdoors? Do you like relaxing in the sun or under the stars? Whatever your outdoor lifestyle is like, we can match it with the best possible design.


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