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12" Rattan Hurricane Lantern

The Price You See is The Price You Pay

Here at BDC Living we are committed to providing our customers with all-in pricing as well as complete choice.

US Price - This is the price we sell the product for if you buy it in the US and is inclusive of free shipping to your Freight Forwarder in Florida. This works great for buyers who are ready to bring items into the Bahamas themselves.

Bahamas White Glove Service Price - This is the price of the item shipped to your door inclusive of all shipping fees, duties and logistics. Sit back and relax and we’ll be in touch when your order is set to arrive at your door.

In-Store Price - Our in-store price is as suggested. It’s the price you pay in the store to walk away with the item that day. 

Product Description: Place an illuminating object inside this gold metal and rattan lantern and let it brighten a tabletop, counter or mantel. This lantern is crafted from very smooth, natural brown and beige rattan ropes woven in an open-weave frame. It can even be hung from a decorative hook. 

Dimensions:  8"L x 8"W x 12"H