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Please note that delivery is free of charge when placing orders via our website :)
Please note that delivery is free of charge when placing orders via our website :)

Casabella Microfiber Spin Mop And Bucket System

In-Store ONLY
The Price You See is The Price You Pay

Here at BDC Living we are committed to providing our customers with all-in pricing as well as complete choice.

US Price - This is the price we sell the product for if you buy it in the US and is inclusive of free shipping to your Freight Forwarder in Florida. This works great for buyers who are ready to bring items into the Bahamas themselves.

Bahamas White Glove Service Price - This is the price of the item shipped to your door inclusive of all shipping fees, duties and logistics. Sit back and relax and we’ll be in touch when your order is set to arrive at your door.

In-Store Price - Our in-store price is as suggested. It’s the price you pay in the store to walk away with the item that day. 

Product Description: This Spin Cycle Mop uses a 2-bucket system to clean and dry the mop head easily and quickly, without ever having to touch the mop. Simply plunge the handle into the water bucket to spin and clean the mop by getting rid of loose debris. Then transfer to the stainless steel wringer basket and plunge to spin dry. Control the dampness you want by the amount you spin. Ready to go again in no time! Two built-in handles and large wheels make transporting the bucket easy, even filled with water. The pivoting mop head, made of 100% replaceable microfiber, allows for cleaning under furniture, in corners and around stationary objects. The water bucket easily drains with a drain plug built right in, and if more cleaning solution is needed, a perfectly positioned soap dispenser is ready to go. A convenient storage compartment is also built in, ready to store cleaning accessories like sponges, gloves or brushes so you won’t have to go searching for them.